Walking is good for the environment and for people’s health.  It can substitute for car journeys,  connect people to public transport and reduce pollution. Chalford is a marvellous place to walk.  There is a web of small roads and footpaths around our neighbourhoods, all surrounded by magical valleys.

It would be great if everyone walked more, for pleasure, exercise and to get to the shops or doctors.  Our 2021 survey asked people what barriers they see to walking.  They replied: lack of signage; speed and amount of traffic; poor state of the pavements; mud!  

We can’t cure all these with a magic brush but we can make gradual improvements.   The Parish Council have done a great deal to make our local footpaths more accessible and safe, and if you have any concerns about a path, get in touch with them (christine@chalford-glos.gov.uk). We are working with the Parish Council to reduce speeds within the parish, ideally with a general 20mph limit.   We are also trialling our own maps to help give people confidence to venture further afield.  

We’d like to undertake other projects such as: guided educational or history walks, walking races or challenges, sponsored events, school walking buses, new paved paths and shortcuts, better lighting and signage.

We can’t do all this ourselves – it’s too big.   If you can help then contact us: info@chalcan.org

Footpath Maps

We are building a collection of footpath maps to help you explore the area. It’a a bit of a trial – please leave some feedback (info@chalcan.org.uk) and if they’re useful recommend them to others and we’ll do some more! Click on one of the areas below to find a map and description. For each one you’ll find a PDF version that you can download and print and also a GPX file which you can open with appropriate apps (instructions here)

ChalCAN’s Biodiversity Action has created a circular Wildlife Trail 12 km long through Chalford Parish. Funded by Caring for the Cotswolds, in collaboration with Chalford Parish Council. You can see the trail and download the map here

Before you go

  • Check the weather
  • Wear suitable clothes and footwear – beware mud!
  • Understand the countryside code
  • If you’re taking a dog make sure you keep it under control: farmers are understandably concerned about livestock (see Blue Cross advice) and please do pick up and take home their poo.  
  • Gear up for a great time then give us some feedback on the maps online or to info@chalcan.org.uk              

Click on a walk below to see the route

Parish Council Walks
List of Chalford Parish Walks

Map showing walk start locations

1 France Lynch and Middle Hill Allotments

2 A Short Walk Around and About Frith Wood

3 Around Old Bussage

4 Chalford’s Golden Valley

5 Toadsmoor Lakes

6 Dimmel’s Dale and Rack Hill

7 France Lynch and Chalford Hill

8 France Lynch and Avenis Green

9 Along the Toadsmoor Valley and Brownshill  

10 Blackness and Brownshill

11 France Lynch Strawberry Banks and Dimmel’s Dale

Chalford Valley
Chalford Valley
Chalford Valley GPX

Daneway Siccaridge Woods and Oakridge
Daneway Siccaridge Woods and Oakridge

France Lynch, Strawberry Banks and Dimmelsdale
France Lynch, Strawberry Banks and Dimmelsdale GPX

Wesley Farm and Cowcombe
Wesley Farm and Cowcombe GPX

Chalford Vale Heritage Trail (leaflet price £1 available
at Chalford Community Shop and Eastcombe Stores)
To/from Stroud:
One-Way Walks from Eastcombe / Bussage

Bussage – Stroud – Direct
Bussage – Stroud -Direct GPX

Bussage – Stroud – via Lypiatt and The Heavens
Bussage – Stroud – via Lypiatt and The Heavens GPX

Bussage – Stroud via Canal
Bussage – Stroud via Canal GPX

Eastcombe – Stroud
Eastcombe – Stroud GPX
Toadsmoor Valley
Circular Walks on the Lypiatt Ridge above Stroud
Full Circuit of the Toadsmoor Valley
Full Circuit of the Toadsmoor Valley GPX

Lypiatt Hill Circuit
Lypiatt Hill Circuit GPX

Short Circuit of the Toadsmoor Valley
Short Circuit of the Toadsmoor Valley GPX

For a longer walk why not try the Walk Around Stroud – a 10 mile route around the town boundaries on public footpaths. Amazing views all the way. There’s a pdf here and you can pick up a paper copy at the Town Information Centre.




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