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This month join the Wildlife Trust’s Annual Challenge 30 Days Wild

Free Webinars : If you are thinking of taking on a domestic retrofit project eg floor insulation or heat pumps you might be interested to learn that the Centre for Sustainable Energy are running free webinars in June. 

Volunteering Opportunities (PDF)

20 is Plenty in Chalford and Eastcombe

Are you concerned about speeding vehicles? Would you like our roads to be safer for schoolchildren, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers alike? ChalCAN, working with BisCAN is mounting a ‘20 is Plenty in Chalford and Eastcombe’ campaign. 20 mph limits on roads where people live, work, shop, play and learn

  • reduce accidents
  • reduce pollution and CO2 emissions
  • make active travel (biking, walking) possible for more residents
  • make it safer for horse-riders
  • have little impact on journey times.. and
  • are increasingly accepted in many areas (e.g. Wales, Scotland).

Since the County Council are deliberating whether this should be considered across the county (as in Cornwall and Oxfordshire) and will be consulting on this later in the spring, this is timely.  We’re collating local residents’ views on a implementing a default 20pmh limit in the area wherever practical, and promoting safer driving through banners, stickers and posters (available from the Parish Centre). We’ll be out and about in local shops in the coming weeks to talk to people and working with local schools.

Please sign our petition and/or let us know your views. Contact Penny

Planting in Bussage

ChalCAN biodiversity volunteers have been out planting trees on Bussage Pleasure Ground. The weather was kind and they had some really healthy trees to plant funded and supplied by Ash Dieback Gloucestershire. A mixture of Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, Pauls Scarlet Hawthorn, Silver Birch and Whitebeam. They need to be kept watered to help establish themselves so they can be part of our living breathing landscape for many years to come.
Greener Together at Gloucestershire Libraries
Gloucestershire Libraries have a climate change initiative called Greener Together with collections of new books arriving in all the libraries.  

St Mary of the Angels, Brownshill

Work began on improving the churchyard last year with some fifteen volunteers from the Brownshill community clearing the site.  Lizards, slow-worms and toads were found.  To improve the biodiversity of this lovely site further funding was obtained from the Countryside Charity (formerly known as the Campaign to Protect Rural England) for 32 native shrubs and trees, and these have now been planted with the help of local volunteers.

The Thomas Keble GCSE Citizenship pupils’ campaign to prevent food poverty(PDF)

Make a difference in 2022 (PDF)

Climate Change and Trees

Here is a video by ChalCAN’s Dr Grace O’Donovan discussing trees and climate change and an initiative to plant more trees in the area. 

Hedgehog Street (PDF)

Help make YOUR street a Hedgehog Street! Hedgehogs are vulnerable to extinction.  You can also link up with your neighbours to make a Hedgehog Highway. More information from


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

We’ve produced a summary about  ASHPs (PDF) and another outlining local housholds that have installations ChalCAN Case Studies (PDF). Contact us if you’d like more information or to visit a working example.

Biodiversity Trail 

A circular wildlife trail 12 km long through Chalford Parish. Maps and info here….or pick up a leaflet from the Parish Centre or Chalford village shop.

Take a Climate Walk (PDF)

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Planting trees in Bussage Park

Upcoming Events

Community Walks – ChalCAN continue to lead a monthly walk – the next one will be Saturday 16th July starting at 10am from Chalford Sports and Social Club, with a chance to chat over coffee and cakes afterwards. The route will be planned nearer the time to take account of weather conditions – check our Facebook page for details.


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Workshops on Biodiversity

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Take a Climate Walk

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Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden

Frequently Asked Questions about Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden In a ChalCAN survey, respondents were asked what questions they had about encouraging biodiversity in the garden. Here are the collated

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Did your t-shirt cost the earth?

Did you know that…… The UK sends an average of 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill each year. One wash load of polyester clothes can release 700,000 microplastic fibres into

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Our Community and Biodiversity

As individuals it’s easy to feel helpless about the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity. We can each of us make changes and take steps to help –

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Wildlife friendly allotments

Your allotment is mainly for growing fruit and vegetables, and maybe keeping some chickens; but allotments are also really important for biodiversity. There are lots of things you can do

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Roadside Verges

What is the issue? Any plans to increase and restore biodiversity within our community must include a focus on the way we manage our road verges. Our verges form just

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Green Spaces

There are lots of community owned green spaces scattered over the Parish, all managed by the Parish Council. Some are tucked away, quietly acting as mini wildlife reserves without the

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Trees and Hedgerows

First the good news…About a third of our Parish is currently covered in trees and hedgerows. Many of these trees are on the steep slopes of the Frome Valley and

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Plastic and General Waste

We need to change our habits and consume less, buying wisely. This applies across all areas of shopping from food, to clothes, to electrical appliances. ChalCAN is looking at how

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Upcycling and Repairs

Reuse, recycle, swap…and the impact of fast fashion   Buy less junk and less new ‘stuff’.  Buy things which are designed to be repairable and when you have finished with

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Do you want to learn something shocking?  Meat, egg and dairy production use up 83% of the world’s farmland, are responsible for 58% of the world’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions,

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Biodiversity Survey

Chalford Parish Council has acknowledged that there is a climate emergency and that we should become carbon neutral by 2030. To do this efficiently and effectively, ways need to be

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