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A New Family Friendly Cycle Route in Chalford
This flat, family friendly cycle route has been prepared by ChalCAN volunteers, funded by a grant from the GCC Build Back Better Fund. There are some busy junctions on this 6.5km route, so care should be taken. Please click on the following PDF’s for the route map and route directions. Please contact if you require any further information.
Installation of New Bike Racks
Really exciting to be able to share with you that a new bike rack has been installed at Bussage School; racks at FLCR, Eastcombe Scouts and Frith Youth Centre will follow shortly. This comes as a result of a grant from GCC Build Back Better fund.
A Community Compost Scheme for Chalford
A group of residents are considering the options for establishing a community compost scheme in Chalford, similar to the one operating in Bisley. Such a scheme would take people’s garden waste and use it to produce healthy peat free compost. The benefits would be less CO2 produced by trips to the dump, no need for bonfires, less money spent on bought compost (and therefore fewer plastic bags) plus a positive, pro-active contribution towards the parish’s Net Zero objectives and a new community asset.

The first step is to understand the level of demand for a scheme within the parish, so please fill out our survey at (hard copies available from the Parish Centre) and tell us what you think. If you fancy getting involved, email Karen Phiminster at

Free Home Insulation Survey
ChalCAN has launched a new scheme offering FREE home consultations and advice. Even a small spend can help cut bills, and if you are really struggling we might be able to help with the cost of some materials. If you’re a tenant and your landlord doesn’t seem willing to take the needed steps we may also be able to help.
Don’t delay in signing up for a survey (email as it’s on a first come first serve basis, although we will give preference to residents for Chalford Parish (includes Bussage, Brownshill and France Lynch of course). Funded with support from the GCC Build Back Better Fund. For further information have a look at our Energy Saving Leaflet

Recycle Your Food to Help Cut Waste and Carbon

Gloucestershire Recycles have launched their latest campaign ‘Food Waste – It All Adds Up’.

Both the environmental and financial costs of food waste are huge. About 55,000 tonnes of domestic food waste were created in the county last year and 137,500 tonnes of CO2 are created producing and transporting this food. The average 4 person household could save £60 a month by reducing food waste.


Greener Together at Gloucestershire Libraries

Gloucestershire Libraries have a climate change initiative called Greener Together with collections of new books arriving in all the libraries.

The Thomas Keble GCSE Citizenship pupils’ campaign to prevent food poverty(PDF)


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

We’ve produced a summary about  ASHPs (PDF) and another outlining local housholds that have installations ChalCAN Case Studies (PDF). Contact us if you’d like more information or to visit a working example.

Biodiversity Trail 

A circular wildlife trail 12 km long through Chalford Parish. Maps and info here….or pick up a leaflet from the Parish Centre or Chalford village shop.


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tree planting middle hill

Upcoming Events

Access Bike Project Monthly Bike Ride

Into Stroud from Brimscombe: Saturday 2nd September 2023. This ride to the market takes place every first Saturday of the month from The Long Table at Brimscombe Mill. Meet at 10am for a chat and a drink (thanks to The Bike Drop), before leaving at 10.30am to ride along the A419 into Stroud and finishing at The Electric Bike Shop Stroud at about 11am. This is a group ride, protecting young and less confident riders. The idea is to have fun and to push for better cycle infrastructure along this route and around the district!

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Workshops on Biodiversity

The presentations from Chalford and Bisley highlighted two successful and divergent approaches for tackling biodiversity.  While both have undertaken various activities/events (such as a Biodiversity walk in Chalford or farm

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Take a Climate Walk

Do you already have some awareness of climate change but nothing much more?   The ‘Climate Walk’ can show you how the choices you make can have a real impact

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Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden

Frequently Asked Questions about Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden In a ChalCAN survey, respondents were asked what questions they had about encouraging biodiversity in the garden. Here are the collated

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Did your t-shirt cost the earth?

Did you know that…… The UK sends an average of 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill each year. One wash load of polyester clothes can release 700,000 microplastic fibres into

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Our Community and Biodiversity

As individuals it’s easy to feel helpless about the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity. We can each of us make changes and take steps to help –

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Wildlife friendly allotments

Your allotment is mainly for growing fruit and vegetables, and maybe keeping some chickens; but allotments are also really important for biodiversity. There are lots of things you can do

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Roadside Verges

What is the issue? Any plans to increase and restore biodiversity within our community must include a focus on the way we manage our road verges. Our verges form just

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Green Spaces

There are lots of community owned green spaces scattered over the Parish, all managed by the Parish Council. Some are tucked away, quietly acting as mini wildlife reserves without the

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Trees and Hedgerows

First the good news…About a third of our Parish is currently covered in trees and hedgerows. Many of these trees are on the steep slopes of the Frome Valley and

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Plastic and General Waste

We need to change our habits and consume less, buying wisely. This applies across all areas of shopping from food, to clothes, to electrical appliances. ChalCAN is looking at how

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Upcycling and Repairs

Reuse, recycle, swap…and the impact of fast fashion   Buy less junk and less new ‘stuff’.  Buy things which are designed to be repairable and when you have finished with

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Do you want to learn something shocking?  Meat, egg and dairy production use up 83% of the world’s farmland, are responsible for 58% of the world’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions,

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Biodiversity Survey

Chalford Parish Council has acknowledged that there is a climate emergency and that we should become carbon neutral by 2030. To do this efficiently and effectively, ways need to be

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