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Biodiversity Trail

With funding from Caring for the Cotswolds, Chalford Biodiversity Action in collaboration with the Parish Council, has created a circular wildlife trail 10 km long through Chalford Parish. It passes through some of our wonderful Local Wildlife Sites and also places where the community have worked to improve biodiversity. There are information boards at Abnash Bank, France Lynch Pleasure Ground, Parish Bank, Middle Hill Spinney and Meadow, and Frith Wood. it is hoped that both residents and visitors will enjoy following the trail.

Litter Picking Campaign

Surfers Against Sewage are running a litter picking campaign called Return to Offender Campaign

Volunteering Opportunities

We have compiled a list of volunteering roles ranging from helping with Frith Wood to writing articles for social media.  You can see the list of positions here Volunteering Roles  and  if you would like further information email

ChalCAN is on Instagram! follow us at @chalford.can

The Spinney

We recently ran a competition to name the newly planted native trees on Middle Hill in Chalford Hill. Many thanks to everyone who sent in a suggestion and the winning name chosen is “The Spinney”. An inscription on reclaimed wood is currently being made and the unveiling ceremony will be taking place soon.

Grow Your Own Campaign

Following the success of the potato bag growing kits, our Food and Waste group gave away Microgreens packs. Baby or microgreens are really easy to grow, are great for your health and taste good too. They are basically young vegetable plants and have a concentrated nutrient content and pack a fabulous flavour punch. They are quick and cheap to grow too, most can be eaten after 7-21 days so great for the impatient amongst us! Packs still available form the Parish Centre.  

“I love my pea shoots. Real sense of achievement that I have grown my own food!”

Thanks Chalcan for the kit. We had 2 packets in ours and have had a bumper crop of pink radish which we enjoyed very much and used up quickly”  

We’re now giving instructions for propagating from basil plants– herbs bought from shops so often go to waste as they go over, so this is a great way to make one basil plant last a whole summer.

Biodiversity Group’s Spring Bulletin

Have a look here at what the group have been getting up to so far this year.

Your Changes

We asked ChalCAN members what changes they had made to reduce their carbon footprint or to enhance biodiversity during 2020 – check out their responses here

Upcoming Events

Launch of the new Biodiversity Trail around the parish Saturday 31st July 2-4pm Launch information

In September there will be a Biking course for adults new to cycling or who need a refresher. Course Information

Also planned is a demo of Electric cars, a Pre-loved clothes sale and Information Evenings about Wind Power, Alternative Heating Systems and Solar Power. Dates, times and more information will be posted here in due course.

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Biodiversity Trail

ChalCAN’s Biodiversity Action are creating a trail around the parish to encourage residents to visit the varying sites that are being managed by the group. You will find a rich

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Biodiversity Bulletin Spring 2021

Spring has sprung – we hope that our projects will soon be bursting with biodiversity! Abnash Bank and Parish Bank, Chalford – volunteers have raked, striated, taken away the “arisings”,

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Did your t-shirt cost the earth?

Did you know that…… The UK sends an average of 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill each year. One wash load of polyester clothes can release 700,000 microplastic fibres into

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Our Community and Biodiversity

As individuals it’s easy to feel helpless about the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity. We can each of us make changes and take steps to help –

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Wildlife friendly allotments

Your allotment is mainly for growing fruit and vegetables, and maybe keeping some chickens; but allotments are also really important for biodiversity. There are lots of things you can do

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Roadside Verges

What is the issue? Any plans to increase and restore biodiversity within our community must include a focus on the way we manage our road verges. Our verges form just

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Green Spaces

There are lots of community owned green spaces scattered over the Parish, all managed by the Parish Council. Some are tucked away, quietly acting as mini wildlife reserves without the

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Trees and Hedgerows

First the good news…About a third of our Parish is currently covered in trees and hedgerows. Many of these trees are on the steep slopes of the Frome Valley and

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Plastic and General Waste

  We need to change our habits and consume less, buying wisely. This applies across all areas of shopping from food, to clothes, to electrical appliances. ChalCAN is looking at

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Upcycling and Repairs

Reuse, recycle, swap…and the impact of fast fashion   Buy less junk and less new ‘stuff’.  Buy things which are designed to be repairable and when you have finished with

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Do you want to learn something shocking?  Meat, egg and dairy production use up 83% of the world’s farmland, are responsible for 58% of the world’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions,

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Biodiversity Survey

Chalford Parish Council has acknowledged that there is a climate emergency and that we should become carbon neutral by 2030. To do this efficiently and effectively, ways need to be

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About a third of our parish is covered over with houses and gardens. If we are going to increase biodiversity, all those hundreds of gardens need to be put to

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Home Energy Saving

Actions to reduce carbon emissions in the home can range from tiny changes in your own behaviour, to installing energy efficient heating systems with smart controls.   Here are some

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Domestic Solar PV

Sunlight can provide a great source of clean, renewable energy, converted into electricity using solar photovoltaic panels on your roof. How much electricity is generated depends on whether there is

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