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New Cycle Route in Chalford
Following feedback from the pilot last year, this 5 km flat, family friendly cycle route has been prepared by ChalCAN volunteers, funded by a grant from the GCC Build Back Better Fund. Suitable for those returning to cycling after a break and for children and young people (supervised by adults when appropriate). Do ensure you wear a bike helmet and take care at junctions.  Please click on the map here for the route. Follow the green signs. Please contact if you require any further information
New e-bike rental scheme launched!
In a scheme facilitated by Transition Stroud, with funds from a number of sources including the District Council, electric bikes are now available to hire locally. The first hubs open are at Brimscombe (at the Bike Drop at Brimscombe Mills GL5 2QN) and Minchinhampton (Community Hub GL6 9JJ) and another will shortly open in Stonehouse).  They are for hire for people for a week or two at a time.

The Bikes

Available for booking are 2 Benno eJoys, flexible step through e-bikes, capable of carrying 2x more weight than the typical bike. Comes with all accessories, including safety and carrying equipment for one rider plus child. More information on the Benno website.

At Brimscombe, we also have the larger Benno Boost to loan out, for extra carrying capacity. The bike comes with all accessories, including safety and carrying equipment for one rider plus 2 children (either with child seats or using seat pads for older children).

How to book

You can reserve any of our e-bikes for a week-long booking on the booking site, subject to a reservation fee / donation of £50. You will need to register for an account with us to book, but it’s very quick and easy. See all our currently available e-bikes here, and our full terms and conditions of booking.

If you want the bike for less or more than 1 week, please contact the relevant hub directly to see what is possible – you can find the contact details for each hub location here. Please be aware that our E-bike Loan Hubs are volunteer run, so you may not get an answer straight away. 

We have had a lot of interest in this project, so please be patient as we launch as there may be a few people all trying to book at the same time – if you can’t book straight away in the calendar, try looking further ahead to see if there’s a slot available in May or June that might suit you instead.

The bikes will be held and maintained by Bike Drop at the Long Table. A small team of volunteers from BaTCAN, ChalCAN and BisCAN will handle the handover of each hire at Brimscombe Mill – giving basic advice on how to use, charge and lock-up the bikes. 
This pilot scheme is open to Chalford residents, with a possibility we might have bikes stored here in due course. Do let us know if you are interested or able to help:
Hedge and tree planting
In recent weeks the Biodiversity team have helped to
  • plant a 150m hedge at Bussage School working with parents, Friends of Frith Wood and of course the children themselves
  • plant trees at Dorrington Court
  • coppice the hazel at St Marys Church in Brownshill
  • replace a few trees that had died in the Spinney woodland on Middle Hill
  • plant 3 trees by the bus stop on the Green in Chalford Hill
Latest Terracycle Scheme Details
A new poster shows the packaging that will be accepted in the Terracycle Scheme. Local collection points are
  • The garden at Chalford Hill School
  • The Parish Centre 
  • Bisley Greenshop
  • Stroud Valleys Project, John Street
Installation of New Bike Racks
Really exciting to report that new bike racks have been installed at Bussage School, France Lynch Church Rooms (round the back), Eastcombe Scouts, Chalford Sports and Social Club, the Parish Centre and the Frith Youth Centre. This comes as a result of a grant from GCC Build Back Better fund, and with great support from the Parish Council Footpaths Group, who installed many of these, thus saving funds to allow more bike racks to be purchased for other sites. So – get on your bike to go to events in the village if you can!
A Community Compost Scheme for Chalford
A group of residents are considering the options for establishing a community compost scheme in Chalford, similar to the one operating in Bisley. Such a scheme would take people’s garden waste and use it to produce healthy peat free compost. The benefits would be less CO2 produced by trips to the dump, no need for bonfires, less money spent on bought compost (and therefore fewer plastic bags) plus a positive, pro-active contribution towards the parish’s Net Zero objectives and a new community asset.

The community survey undertaken last year indicated considerable interest in such a scheme. Applications are now being made for funding.  If you fancy getting involved, email Karen Phiminster at


Recycle Your Food to Help Cut Waste and Carbon

Gloucestershire Recycles have launched their latest campaign ‘Food Waste – It All Adds Up’.

Both the environmental and financial costs of food waste are huge. About 55,000 tonnes of domestic food waste were created in the county last year and 137,500 tonnes of CO2 are created producing and transporting this food. The average 4 person household could save £60 a month by reducing food waste.


The Thomas Keble GCSE Citizenship pupils’ campaign to prevent food poverty(PDF)


Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

We’ve produced a summary about  ASHPs (PDF) and another outlining local housholds that have installations ChalCAN Case Studies (PDF). Contact us if you’d like more information or to visit a working example.

Biodiversity Trail 

A circular wildlife trail 12 km long through Chalford Parish. Maps and info here….or pick up a leaflet from the Parish Centre or Chalford village shop.


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Benno e-bike for hire

Upcoming Events

Spring Morning Bird Walk

Saturday May 18th, 9.30-11.30

Come and join us on a two hour walk to learn more about the birds in our local area.
No expertise required!
Children over 10 years welcome. No dogs please
Bring binoculars if you have some but not essential.

Come and learn more with a local expert- the best way to improve your birdwatching skills and maybe pick out the odd bird song, always a good way to impress people!

Starts at Chalford Sports and Social Club, goes down into the valley and then back up again so unfortunately is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues. Stout shoes, a hat and a bottle of water would be a good idea.

Numbers are limited so to reserve a place please contact Jim Bocock on 07851347270


ChalCAN Butterfly and Bee Walk, Brownshill, Saturday 15th June 10.15 for 10.30am

Come and join us on a two hour walk (only about 2 km) in the beautiful Blackness Nature Reserve, managed by Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

Guided by local GWT volunteers, Heather and Sara, you can learn about the butterflies and bees living there and the conservation activity that helps them to thrive. 

Children over 10 years welcome. No dogs please.
Meet outside Vine Farm by footpath (what3 words quoted.warblers.plank). Please note no parking in the vicinity of Vine Farm so please park on upper section of Brownshill Road.

The walk  goes down across Blackness and back up again so unfortunately is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues. We may need to climb some stiles. Stout shoes, a hat and a bottle of water would be a good idea.
Numbers are limited to 12 so to reserve a place contact

E-bike Demonstration Sunday August 4th Chalford Sports and Social Club Sunday Market 10am

Ever wanted to try out an e-bike? Come and have a go – either on the grass or road. We’ll have the Benno bikes that are now available to hire from the Access Bike Project at Brimscombe Mill, and these will be kept up on the hill for the following two weeks for ease of hiring. We’ll also have a couple of bikes belonging to ChalCAN volunteers for you to see/try out and you can chat to e-bike owners.

Access Bike Project Monthly Bike Ride

This ride to Stroud market takes place every first Saturday of the month from The Long Table at Brimscombe Mill. Meet at 10am for a chat and a drink (thanks to The Bike Drop), before leaving at 10.30am to ride along the A419 arriving into Stroud at about 11am. This is a group ride, protecting young and less confident riders. The idea is to have fun and to push for better cycle infrastructure along this route and around the district!

Transition Stroud Repair Cafes

These take place regularly at either the Trinity Rooms (Stroud) or the Sub Rooms in Nailsworth. All sorts of repairs are offered: textiles, electrical, along with hat restoring and the repair and maintenance of bikes and garden equipment and tools. Don’t chuck things out – get them repaired! Book in here 

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