Trees and Hedgerows

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First the good news … About a third of our Parish is currently covered in trees and hedgerows. Many of these trees are on the steep slopes of the Frome Valley and have grown up over the last hundred years. On the Bussage estate, attractive trees such as amelanchier were planted when the houses were built and are now coming to maturity.

We also have fragments of ancient woodland. Frith Wood – on the map for centuries – is now managed by local Friends of Frith Wood, for the parish council. Other bodies look after Three Groves Wood and Oldhills Wood.

We value wood not just for the trees, but for all the wildlife and ecosystems they support. Hedges, the wilder the better, are key for insects and birds.

Now the challenge … Our trees and hedgerows are under threat from disease, climate change and people.

  • Beech trees are shallow rooted and will not enjoy drought induced by climate change.
  • Ash die-back is killing some of our most common trees and extensive felling of ash is changing our woods and landscapes.
  • Not all the mature, beautiful trees in the parish have protection.

What action have we taken?

We have planted the Spinney on Middle Hill, the park and Bussage playing field.

Friends of Frith Wood, partners of ChalCAN, has created two nature sanctuaries in Frith Wood and increased its range of trees and shrubs 

We have advised landowners and schools on how they can increase trees on their sites.

A tree management policy was written with the Parish Council which gives advice to landowners thinking of taking down trees within the conservation area.

Planted a copse of trees on the Middle Hill site in Chalford Hill, and planted trees on the Parish Bank, France Lynch.

We have worked with local residents to plant a hedge and trees at Chalford Hill and Bussage schools.

What next? What can you do for trees and hedges?

We will continue to plant where it is the right place for trees, always considering the balance of ecosystems we need.

Please contact us if you know of any sites where trees could be planted.

Please volunteer you support through ChalCAN or Friends of Frith Wood.

If you’d like advice on planting a tree download our info sheet or contact us.

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