We live in an area of great natural beauty but like much of the rest of the world, our local environment is seriously threatened. Find out more..

Image: Jonathan Buckley

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Modern living and the effects of climate change combine to undermine much that we take for granted. The complex web of animal and plant life in our fields, verges, gardens, woods and streams is under attack, and is being weakened little-by-little in a way which we often don’t notice.

Recent years have seen insect and other wildlife numbers drop at an alarming rate. We risk losing some of them for ever. Across the world, a third of our trees have disappeared, adding to the threat of global warming and even to the air we breathe. Here in our Parish each year we lose more trees than are planted. Birds, other animals and plants that were once a common sight are now rare or have disappeared completely.

These problems may at first seem too big for us to take on, but everywhere small communities like ours have decided they are too important to be left to others. Now is the time for all of us to get involved.    

Biodiversity Trails

Visit our Biodiversity Trails page and download our 12 km circular walk around Chalford Parish.

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Workshops on Biodiversity

The presentations from Chalford and Bisley highlighted two successful and divergent approaches for tackling biodiversity.  While both have undertaken various activities/events (such as a Biodiversity walk in Chalford or farm

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Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden

Frequently Asked Questions about Encouraging Biodiversity in Your Garden In a ChalCAN survey, respondents were asked what questions they had about encouraging biodiversity in the garden. Here are the collated

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Our Community and Biodiversity

As individuals it’s easy to feel helpless about the effects of climate change and loss of biodiversity. We can each of us make changes and take steps to help –

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Wildlife friendly allotments

Your allotment is mainly for growing fruit and vegetables, and maybe keeping some chickens; but allotments are also really important for biodiversity. There are lots of things you can do

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Roadside Verges

What is the issue? Any plans to increase and restore biodiversity within our community must include a focus on the way we manage our road verges. Our verges form just

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Green Spaces

There are lots of community owned green spaces scattered over the Parish, all managed by the Parish Council. Some are tucked away, quietly acting as mini wildlife reserves without the

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Trees and Hedgerows

First the good news…About a third of our Parish is currently covered in trees and hedgerows. Many of these trees are on the steep slopes of the Frome Valley and

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Biodiversity Survey

Chalford Parish Council has acknowledged that there is a climate emergency and that we should become carbon neutral by 2030. To do this efficiently and effectively, ways need to be

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About a third of our parish is covered over with houses and gardens. If we are going to increase biodiversity, all those hundreds of gardens need to be put to

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