Food, Waste & Plastic

We can reduce our negative impact on the planet in lots of small ways from making relatively easy changes to our shopping habits, lifestyle and diets, using things up and buying less new “stuff”. Find out more..

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In changing our shopping habits, lifestyle and diets we can collectively make a significant difference. We can buy things to last, consider whether second hand or rental is an option, repair when we can and recycle or upcycle when we’re done.  

There is indisputable evidence that meat, fish and dairy contribute significantly to heating the planet both through emissions and the impact of large-scale production. By reducing the amount of meat, fish and dairy in our diet we can take a positive step towards reducing our own footprint. 
Much of our food, particularly from supermarkets, comes highly packaged.  Smaller, often local, businesses are finding ways to sell loose and with refillable containers.  Shop local, shop loose and share. 

Many of us have had changes to our lifestyles and shopping habits forced upon us by the current pandemic; it would be good to hold onto some of these when normal life eventually returns

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Plastic and General Waste

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Upcycling and Repairs

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Do you want to learn something shocking?  Meat, egg and dairy production use up 83% of the world’s farmland, are responsible for 58% of the world’s agricultural greenhouse gas emissions,

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