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Energy, Transport, Food, Plastics, Recycling, Waste, Pollution, Trees, Wildflowers, Wildlife

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ChalCAN was set up in 2019 in response to the declaration by Chalford Parish Council of a climate and environmental emergency. Initially constituted as a working group of the Parish Council, we are now an independent community group, supported by the PC and working with them where appropriate. We are aiming for community engagement in all aspects of our work. We are encouraging the community to reduce its use of carbon and become more sustainable. We’re encouraging everyone to consider the climate and the environment in everyday life: from how we travel, shop and eat, to how we power our homes and plant up our gardens and allotments.

Food, Waste & Plastic

Recycling, Repairing, Shopping, Clothes, Eating less meat, Less single use plastic, Composting

Energy & Transport

Insulation, Energy Saving, Sustainable Energy, Walking, Cycling, Buses, Liftshare, Car clubs


Wildlife, Wildflowers, Trees, Hedgerows, Gardens, Allotments, Green Spaces

Our Plan

As a community we need to: