Plastic and General Waste


We need to change our habits and consume less, buying wisely. This applies across all areas of shopping from food, to clothes, to electrical appliances. ChalCAN is looking at how we can help change our habits as a community, and make a reduction in the amount of plastic and general waste leaving the village.  Some people say why bother, we can’t change the world, but we believe every little helps and a different mind-set on how we shop and behave will impact politically and commercially, and changes will start to happen.

Plastic, particularly single use, is now clearly acknowledged as a massive cause of pollution and a scourge on the planet.  It poisons our oceans, prevents them from working properly, kills marine life, and litters our countryside. (Fact: by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish – Ellen MacArthur Foundation). To combat this, shops across the country are responding to consumer pressure and setting up refilling stations. Our nearest are Chalford Community Shop, Parish Council Office (Geralds Way) and The Green Shop (Bisley).  Check out the list of local suppliers and, by getting refills for many household products from food, to toiletries to cleaning products you will at a single step reduce the plastic coming into your home.

ChalCAN is promoting careful recycling, use of local drop-off points (Chalford Hill Primary School and The Green Shop) for hard-to-recycle products, and use of refilling stores for bathroom, washing and other products. See

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2 Responses

  1. Suggests we are refilling at parish office, great idea! which products?
    Also need to add parish centre to the list of plastic recycling drop points.

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