Take a Climate Walk

Do you already have some awareness of climate change but nothing much more?   The ‘Climate Walk’ can show you how the choices you make can have a real impact on the climate and on society.  The walk can be run physically or virtually. It is designed for small groups of 4 or 5, either recruited at a fair or similar event or split from a larger group. Each group takes a ‘walk’ to five stopping points of a few minutes each to discuss the possibilities and implications of: Changing personal behaviour such as giving up flying or going vegan Local initiatives such as wind turbines Government action such as an individual ‘carbon ration’ Natural ‘tipping points’ such as methane leaking from permafrost Technologies such as carbon capture (If time is limited then a stopping point can be omitted). Each stopping point sets difficult choices and these choices are scored to yield one of three possible climate futures for 2100 – which of course range from the good to the disastrous! For more details contact Peter Wormington on 0789 0940938 or petergwormington@mailbox.org


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