Can a Local Handyman become Carbon Neutral ?

Can Bisley Handyman become Carbon Neutral?

We’re literally suffocating the planet with our CO2 emissions, so making sure that our impact

is as minimal as possible is everyone’s responsibility, business owner or otherwise.

So what can be done? We can all make a different by reducing waste, using more efficient

materials, reducing our use of fossil fuels and by using carbon neutral companies. The

reality of the modern world is that we cannot reduce our emissions to zero so in order to

become carbon neutral we must use carbon offsetting. This is achieved by investing in

projects to immediately reduce emissions as well as planting trees to reduce carbon from the

environment for years to come.

Bisley Handyman Services has teamed up with, a Gold Standard accredited company to take care of their tree planting and carbon off setting. The trees and projects they have contributed to are

visible on their website along with details and photos. Visit

As a company they are covering the cost of offsetting their general operating, vehicle use and

labour carbon footprint. Furthermore they offer customers the option to make a small

additional contribution on specific jobs to make them carbon neutral. They continue to

use responsibly sourced materials and consider the environmental impact of materials.

So far in 2022 (as of Mid Feb) the company has planted 824 trees and saved over 10 tonnes of CO2

emissions. The majority of the trees are planted in developing countries where trees can be

planted at a more affordable price whilst also contributing to local economies but trees are

also planted in the UK. A high number of the trees planted are Mangrove species as they

sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests.


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