Home Energy Saving

Actions to reduce carbon emissions in the home can range from tiny changes in your own behaviour, to installing energy efficient heating systems with smart controls.  

Here are some ChalCAN suggestions. Many are completely free, in fact they could save you a lot of money, and all they require is a raised consciousness of energy use.

If you’d like to know more detail, we have a fuller list with more ideas: it can be downloaded here.

  1. Heating Water
    • Set your washing machine on short cycles.  Dry clothes on a line when possible.
    • Minimise use of the dishwasher, and use the eco-wash setting.
    • Take shorter showers instead of baths.
  2. Lighting
    • Turn lights off when not needed.
    • Switch to LED, including outdoor lighting.
  3. Heating
    • Follow the guidelines below but do make sure you use sufficient heat to stay healthy.
    • Turn your thermostat down (put a jumper on!)
    • Turn off radiators in less used rooms.
    • Close doors.
  4. Appliances
    • Use your oven wisely and efficiently.
    • Ensure your fridge and freezer are working efficiently.
    • Reduce iron use.
    • Reduce stand-by use by switching off.
    • Use energy saving settings on computers.
    • Use manual tools where possible instead of electric equivalents.
  5. Monitoring Energy Use
    • Install a smart meter.
    • Ask a consultant to audit your energy use.
    • Use a thermal camera to find cold-spots.
  6. Install Energy Efficient Appliances
    • It may be useful to consider replacing older appliances.
    • Invest in ‘A+++’ energy ratings.
  7. Insulate and draught-proof
    • Draughtproof doors.
    • Insulate your loft.
    • Consider cavity wall insulation.
    • Ensure the hot water storage tank is well insulated.
  8. Boiler and Heating System
    • When replacing the boiler, research condensing, combi boilers and biomass heating with smart controls.
    • Consider other components of the system such as underfloor heating.
  9. Wood Burning Stove
    • Consider installing a stove.
    • It may be possible to duct warm air through your property.

Further Advice

There’ a great deal of really useful information on the following sites


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