Domestic Solar PV

Sunlight can provide a great source of clean, renewable energy, converted into electricity using solar photovoltaic panels on your roof.

How much electricity is generated depends on whether there is any shading and which way the panels face (the roof doesn’t have to face south – SW or SE are both good). You can expect to generate between 700 and 900 KWh per KWp installed. Most panels are 1K and on a typical roof you’ll see 10-14 panels.

It’s best to get quotes from 2 to 3 companies – make sure you get a technical survey, not just a sales pitch! The installer needs to be registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and should have signed up to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

The original Feed-in-Tarif for selling surplus electricity produced back to the grid has now been replaced by the ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ (SEG). Under this scheme your electricity supplier pays new small-scale energy producers for excess electricity from homes (and businesses). The Solar Trade Association publishes and updates a chart showing what the different companies currently offer.

Installation can be cheaper when 5-10 neighbouring properties are buying. The scheme is called Solar Streets. If you’d be interested let us know and we’ll see if we can gather together enough potential customers in Chalford to get a discount (around 25% of the installation cost). To find out more or talk to someone with PV panels contact us

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