Switch to a Green Energy Supplier

By using green energy derived from renewable sources you can help combat global warming and help save the environment.

Green electricity is derived from wind, solar or hydro, green gas from food or farm waste. The average customer can lower their carbon impact by 3.5 tons of CO2/year – equivalent to that absorbed by around 1770 trees.

At this stage green energy may not be cheaper; however some green energy deals are better than non-renewable companies. Green energy companies generally have better levels of customer service than their traditional counterparts, so you may have a more stress-free experience.

Who are the green suppliers?

Whilst many energy companies claim to provide a ‘green’ supply, beware! Many do not obtain 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. At present only Ecotricity, Good Energy and Green Energy own and invest in wind and solar firms themselves. Some offer specific deals to customers who have solar PV panels or an electric car.

You can compare different tariffs by using a price comparison sites, specifying green energy


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